The poetic art and new forms of communication – article by Giovanni Teresi

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The poetic art and new forms of communication
The rhythms of traditional society left ample time for art in its various forms and in particular at the time of the poem, with his imagination, would open the doors of the contingent reality to dream. Modern times, however, thin spaces dedicated to the art culture, while the market provides entertainment products easier to use. Therefore, our society tends to drugging the fear of pain and death, not to listen to the words of the poet so abdicating to the opportunity to follow him in his flights of fancy to utopia.

But the image of a progressive multicultural society and the future is projected on a reality characterized by a strong mixture of other cultures. Immigration increase urges the necessity of knowing the other as a useful resource to remove biases and to quell fears. So, today, through new forms of communication, you feel the need to exchange knowledge on the most noble artistic expressions. We have multiplied the subcultures and their languages, resulting in a new economy of communication, based on its multiplicity of channels of communication and the speed at which they are used. Approach to traditional forms of interaction and “towards” and “with” another have added new forms of interaction producing sometimes a mixture.

That ‘s what computers and the internet have accustomed us to think everything is constantly changing. Increasing use of internet has made what some cognitive psychologists theorized, the creation and transmission of knowledge and culture, not unidirectionally toward one or more passive recipients, but in the opposite direction. Computational cognitive science may appear today as the only cognitive science. But, at the level of international research, one must remember that while the computational cognitive science has rapidly acquired a predominance in the study of behavior for the prestige of the computer it regarded as a model of the mind and because it gave a new legitimacy to the effort of thousands of years old keep in mind the large brain, cognitive neural science will be more difficult to establish because it requires that psychologists and other behavioral scientists to adopt a new and unfamiliar method of research, computer simulation, and especially because it melts the mind with the brain.

As part of cognitivism is of particular interest in the thought of Alexander Simon, extending in various disciplines from philosophy to economics, from sociology to political science, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence up to that. Cognitive science now uses an interdisciplinary approach to studying the mind and mental processes of a conjunction with those of artificial intelligence. So, I think that only the modern art of painting can be expressed by adopting a mixture of two minds. Instead the poet evokes the memory latency in the memory, sets the evanescent and can also provide relief in times of pain, which cannot be done with artificial intelligence. The beauty is fleeting as the flowers of the almond tree. The beauty that fades in the wind breaks up the petals, the latent image remains fixed in our memory. The certainty vanishes, but returns to live in memory. “A stone is petrified music,” said Pythagoras. And art in the silent sea and also in Musa asleep – like a pebble smoothed by the action of water, is the art of Michelangelo’s Pietà in the drapery and folds of veils on the delicate bodies of the Graces of Botticelli. “The flapping of wings of the bird gives a sketch of the blink of an eye, and the wave crashes on the sand, which shows you are running your lips smile. I met him in the sky reflections, of those who are to be used in seeing, and the flowers I gave the example of the positions of the hands “, wrote Leonardo.

There is no power, beyond poetry, which always proves that man is a being on the road, inhabited by a flash of truth in her eyes. The journey of the poem is the richest among all other forms of art and deep love for man, to knowledge, truth and beauty, because it is a journey that lies between the visible and invisible reality. The knowledge and truth can not therefore be separated from aesthetics, this can not be separated by metamorphosis.

With this in mind, I’d like to say that poetry is the science of the revelation of truth, namely, the science of the infinite unfolding of the inaccessible. The vision of life through the lens of poetry, requires the removal of any language that pretends to possess the absolute truth and any form of artificial construction. The poem demands to never be considered as having reached an end, but on the contrary, always open in his going away without endless. Seek the truth will probably experience this err: live, as Holderlin said, “a poet on this earth.”

Giovanni Teresi

English translation by Giovanna Li Volti Guzzardi




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